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Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

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About us

The Berger Gruppe is a company active in the field of special machine construction. The six brands of the group stand for highest quality in the field of processing and finishing of metal strips and workpieces. The core competence of the Berger Gruppe is CNC machines and robot systems for deburring, grinding, serrated grinding, edging, sharpening, glazing and polishing of metal strips and workpieces such as knives, surgical instruments, tools, castings and forgings. Each year, between 80 and 110 new machines are manufactured and 10 to 12 new types of machines are developed. As the robotic systems house of ABB and KUKA, the ROBOTICS AWARD 2018-winning group mainly uses robots to automate machines. Here, the robots are used for handling as well as for workpiece and tool guidance. The company, based in Wuppertal (Germany), was founded in 1957 and today employs 170 people. The Berger Gruppe is active worldwide with representatives in 17 countries and a subsidiary in the USA.

The Berger Gruppe relies on green electricity with a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system

170 employees work at the Wuppertal site on a production area of 8000 m².

The Berger Gruppe is a specialist for CNC machines and robot technology.

Marco Chiesura (l) and Dr. Andreas Groß (r) lead the family business in 3rd generation.

Strip edge trimming is one of several core competencies of the Berger Gruppe.


Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Kohlfurther Brücke 69
42349 Wuppertal

Phone:  +49 202 247420

Contact person:

Pierre-François Lemaire
Sales Manager
E-mail: sales@bergergruppe.de
Phone: +49 202 247 42 203

Products & Services

Optimization of the weld seam by strip edge trimming

The starting material for the production of tubes is usually longitudinally slit metal strip. The edges of slit strip are cleanly cut to less than 30%. The rest is broken off and is not clean in terms of straightness, angle and structure.

The thicker the wall thickness and the smaller the tube diameter, the greater the V-angle at which the round tube edges meet. The cross section to be welded that collides with each other becomes smaller and smaller and thus the area to be liquefied necessarily larger.

Strip edging machine by metal-cutting
The strip edging machine of the Berger Gruppe ensures that the edges of the strips are uniformly clean, straight and true to size. This means that no burrs can come loose during further work processes such as punching or profiling.

The strip edges become evenly clean and straight and also have their inner structure on the surface. The edges are machined at an adjustable angle. Coatings on the strip edge are removed.

Strip edging machine DUO

The modular strip edging machines are integrated into tube welding
lines for weld seam optimization.They are installed between strip feeding and
profiling line.The edging machine strips the burr from the strip edge and achieves any contour required by metal-cutting method. The modular system makes it possible that the edging units can be combined flexibly and expanded or retrofitted any time. The series DUO works with 6 tools.
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Strip edge trimming machine integrated into a tube welding line

Grooving machine Series NU

In some work processes it is necessary to process the surface of the strip in order to be able to feed the strip to further production processes.
In the production of hollow profiles, a line of the coating is removed so that the strip can be welded onto itself. This is where the grooving machine TRINU is used. It removes a line of the coating from the strip surface with three tools. The tools are adjustable vertically and horizontally so that a 1 mm deep and/or 20 mm wide groove can be machined.
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The grooving machine series TRINU machines up to three grooves into the strip edge with three tools.

Strip edging machine QUATTRO/S

The strip edging machines QUATTRO/S are designed for high stress processing with high material removal and produce complex contours at the strip edge, respecting tight tolerances. Thanks to a new conception of support adjustment, the swarf removal is optimized so that it is possible to process with thick swarf and to remove a maximum of material in one pass through. The machine processes without vibration, even at high-stress operations. Up to 2000 mm wide and 8 mm thick strips can be processed.
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Strip edging machine QUATTRO300/S processing without vibration even at high-stress operations

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